About Them

This cafe was started in late 2005 by Aco, Ujang, Ape, and Sjamsu. Later, Rizal joined in. Then they started hiring a manager, Kate. This is a cafe of un-common sense, or so it was intended to. But they talk about everything. From time to time it is biased towards economics, but hey they have a life, too (or so they think).

A bit about them. Aco is a researcher and a lecturer in Canberra. Ujang is a researcher in Washington DC. Rizal is finishing his doctorate in Virginia. Ape is in Jakarta assisting the government on poverty eradication. Sjamsu is an economist  of an international organization. Kate is  of course the manager who when in the mood, goes to school in Jakarta.

Oh, most of them are on Twitter, after a bit bored with Facebook. Aco is @acopatunru, Ujang is @ujangw, Rizal is @rizalshidiq, Ape is @ari_ap, and Kate is @katesalemba. (Sjamsu has so far managed to resist the temptation of "yet another soc med" -- poor guy). 

Recently these cafe guys recruited a cute, innocent office boy named Sunaryo. (Being a quick learner himself, Naryo is also now a twitter: @naryosalemba)