Monday, April 30, 2007

Sex or econ?

I've been a big fan of Steven Landsburg -- even way before the Freakonomics frenzy (by the way, I don't think Levitt is ruining economics). So when I heard Landsburg's third pop-econ book was out, I asked Anna to buy one for me.

Of course Anna knew that the book was about economics (she had read my Landsburg's Armchair Economist and Fair Play). Apparently so did the Borders guys in London, only they didn't have it. But not the bookshop-keeper in Changi airport. Anna was in a hurry so she didn't have time to look herself. She instead asked the guy at the info desk. And the guy said, "I don't think we have it anew, but just in case, if we do have it, it should be there" -- he was pointing to a label board read "Sex and Marriage", or something like that.

When Anna told me this, I remembered my own experience with Undercover Economist.

So I thought, this Landsburg's third pop-econ book would not be a big success like Armchair. Because even the shopkeepers didn't know where to put it correctly.

But on the second thought, maybe it's just the opposite. Because after all, sex books are more selling than econ books, don't you think?

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