Friday, August 17, 2007


They were talking over coffee when I interrupted. I asked them what they thought of nationalism. Here goes.
Aco: Nationalism? An idea to identify yourself -- so you can have passport and olympic games.

Ape: (For supporters) -- an idea to identify yourself so you can have a 'national team' that you and your rival supporters can watch together. (For players) -- a situation when you can play in the same team with your rival players against your club mates.

With a nod (or apology perhaps) to Ben Anderson, nationalism is an idea often times better left imagined
Sjamsu was not reachable at the moment, while Rizal's trying to settle down in Virginia.

Happy independence day!

Update: Rizal just sent his version, "
Nationalism is something that you don't really feel until you leave the country. A melancholy, for good or bad reasons."


  1. any thoughts on nationalism and rupiah's (ongoing) depreciation?