Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Your Days Are Numbered

At first, I was being intrigued by a pile of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged on the text book shelf for Econ undergrad here. Still I was reluctant to read it. The book is so thick and I have so little time outside the courses.

But then I learn from New York Times that Alan Greenspan, whose latest book everyone in econ blogsphere are talking about, is also Ms. Rand's big fan. So I changed my mind: perhaps it is worth to reading the philosophy that has shaped the mighty Alan Greenspan's view, the legend of US monetary policy.

Here I am now reading the book in my spare time at snail pace despite the delight of Ms. Rand's storytelling. One of the warm glows comes from my finding of a tagline that I kept remembering from a good German film, The Edukator, that I can't find its source anywhere. It says, "Die Fetten Jahre sind vorbei", or "Your Days of Plenty Are Numbered".

I thought it was quoted from a leftist book since in the film the words were to express an anti-capitalist sentiment. What I got from Ms. Rand's otherwise capitalist manifesto is a dialogue between an old chief clerk, Pop Harper, and Eddie Willers,
"You're ready for the junk file, old pal. Your days are numbered."
Not a precise quote, but I think it says similar thing. Or do you have any better source?

And do you know whose days are numbered?


  1. Thanks for the info, the book sounds interesting to read.

  2. "You set a family trust. Your days are numbered, jerk!"

  3. ayhfaq, i think you mean that a family trust is a manifestation of a pure capitalist. sorry, i don't think so. because you, as a trustee, can suddenly shift the beneficiary to any charitable organisation you want. or maybe, a tax office, if possible. then, you are a socialist.

    but anyway, i think rizal tries to show you an ultimate power of a capitalist, which i reckon still under a power of a market. there are too many rich people out there. even the US capitalists for eg., still scare with the saudi oil princes. they are part of the market.

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  5. Rizal:
    I think it's originally from the bible in the old testament (Daniel). The story goes that God forewarned a king of Babylon that his days are numbered with a writing on the wall.