Saturday, March 15, 2008

From the Manager

Hi, I'm back (hi, Rizal). Yes, it's been a while since my last post. I guess I was having a blogger's block. Or I have been curious about Facebook. Or in a state of confusion brought by so many political comedies recently (there is no way you can't avoid them: they're all over the media, TV, and even in talks between friends and coffee addicts here -- mostly about Bank Indonesia, BLBI and noisy DPR).

Fortunately, an actress turned politician has saved me from further gloom. She just accused and sued a former rival of using fake university diploma. The latter beat the former in a governor race. Both are pretty. But our actress seems to think that it's impossible to have two legally pretty politicians with university degree. Oh boy.

I'll go hibernate again.


  1. dude, only one is pretty. the other one is, well...

    i guess we can have different taste.

  2. what i don't really understand is, if it's fake diploma, shouldn't it be a criminal case (fraud, etc.)???

  3. Hi T/S, you think so? Well I guess it depends. They're both pretty but I agree, not equally pretty. Which one would you take for a date? I used to like that actress one back in the 80s (well, maybe I liked her model sister more). But now I also have this thing for daughters of powerful guys.

    Oh about the "fake" diploma, it's still an allegation. Court will decide, I guess.