Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A book of un-common sense, soon to be on the shelf at the cafe of un-common sense

So about more than a year ago, Gary Becker called to Cafe Salemba. He said he liked the cafe and had been very much inspired by it. "And, your tagline: a cafe of un-common sense, I love it!" he added.

Of course I'm lying. It's the other way around: we have been inspired by Becker and the likes: Stigler, Levitt, Friedman (Milton and David, not so much Tom), and of course Cafe Hayek.

I just couldn't help fantasizing the scene of Becker calling me, as I came across his new book with Posner: Uncommon Sense. Recommended.

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  1. Hey, Kate, do you happen to get the review copy?