Tuesday, May 04, 2010

RIP: Hadi Soesastro (2)

As a rejoinder to AP's obit, please allow me to copy-paste my twits from Twitter this morning.

  1. 1. I took his class, "Technological Progress and Economic Development".
    2. He tought us how you could push the production possibility frontier by advancement in technology
    3. Yet you should not pursue technology without considering the entire economic development stage
    4. He was a great teacher. Soft spoken, fatherly. At times we held the class in CSIS Tn Abang. He made us feel at home
    5. With Mari Pangestu and others he brought CSIS up to international calibre. He was respected as one of the leading economists in Asia
    6. Hal Hill (ANU) dubbed him as 1 of 4 economists saving Indonesia in the aftermath of 97/98 crisis. Others: M Sadli, Thee K Wie, Boediono
    7. Seeing him with his mastery of the topic, we were all proud. Of him, and of the country.
    8. Last September we went to Tokyo. He briefed the audience on the current geopolitical landscape of Asia and the rising Indonesia's role
    9. In that Tokyo event he looked so healthy, after having the cancer for quite some time
    10. Last March he attended a China-Indonesia event in Beijing. To my regret, I couldn't join (was in Incheon). His condition dropped again
    11. After Beijing conference his condition continuously worsened. He had to cancel many trips and schedules. Yet, he's a man of commitment
    12. He texted me Apr14 "Maaf Sdr Aco, saya krng sehat, tdk bisa hadir dlm Sadli Lecture bsk". I always protested the prefix "Sdr" :)
    13. He also emailed us "Maaf, sy tdk bs selesaikan chapter saya untuk buku Pak Emil". We understand, Pak.
    14. Then came the coma. As I visited, he was all tied up to machines and cables. Brain hemorrhage. My heart ached, eyes teary.
    15. April29 last week was his 65th birthday. Now he's gone. Selamat jalan, Pak Hadi

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