Monday, July 26, 2010

A Short Trip Note

So I managed to stroll around the area much of The Warhol Economy describes. It's a cute neighborhood or cluster that makes the city magnet of the young creative people -- and of course a perfect place for a great coffee time talking about, for example, what Varvatos doing at the ex-place of CGBG?

But that's just one face of the City-- and I heard the truly striving creativity has been somehow moved across the tunnel to Williamsburg. The rent has just been unaffordable.

The other part is a place where probably has the world's highest the density of neon ad-lights per metre square. A classic tourist trap. But you may want to go there at 5.30 am to get different feel.

There when the neon light mixed with the early sunshine between skyscrapers and the Good Morning America does not event start yet, you may catch the glimpse of how NYC made of -- well, some of it. Trash collector truck, street vendor who sells coffee and the Times in that early hours, the City finest, and limousine driver in front of ABC studio --probably waiting for Sheryl Crow.

"Life in here is very regimented", said a parking attendant, "I want to move to South Carolina"

I guess he already said it twenty years ago, but somehow he's still there in the city that never sleeps -- even when Lehman Brothers across the street is no longer there.

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