Wednesday, September 07, 2011

What the plagiarist and his/her host institution should do

Here is how the editor of respectable The Journal Economic Perspective dealt with the issue of cross-publishing by Bruno Frey: they sent a letter to him (in pdf), explaining the case carefully, and demand an apology from him to the related parties (the Journals).

And Bruno Frey humbly replied the letter, acknowledged and apologized for his fault, and did not let the responsibility pass beyond him.

As we all can see, the letter is also open to public, presumably because they believe that public deserve to know it as well as to show how they take it very seriously.

Now we have a plagiarism case here. It remains to be seen if the involved parties will take the same measure.

Nevertheless, the Cafe shares the strong opinion that plagiarism is not only deeply unethical but also a gross academic violation.

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