Friday, April 20, 2012

(Probably) Some Philosophical Suggestions

1. You don't confuse between the idea of free market and (US) government intervention.

For example: The US sanction against Iran, that our philosopher condemn as raising oil price at the cost of oil importer countries, is not a free market idea. It is a government (political) intervention.

2. You don't set double standard.

If you condemn the US unfairly manipulate its exchange rate (which I don't get why, because the US is also major importer), you should also applies the same level of condemnation against China.

.. and more to come


  1. they are doing what evil suggest to do.

  2. kapan ya, bisa berbahasa inggris.

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  4. Ni blognya para ekonomi neolib ya hehe...just kidding sir