Monday, July 23, 2012

Readings on Indonesian Economy

Prompted by a discussion with a friend who is interested in Indonesian economy and by my recent task of reviewing a new book on the same subject, below is a list of a must-read (relatively recent) books I recommend to understand the (contemporary) Indonesian economy. Of course this list is just a fraction of the literature out there, including the many individual articles and papers in journals. But for undergraduate students (e.g those taking "Perekonomian Indonesia" - Indonesian Economy - course in FEUI, these are nice first reads I would suggest). My co-baristas and I will try updating the list.

  • Basri, M. Chatib and P. van der Eng (Editors). 2004. Business in Indonesia: New Challenges, Old Problems. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.
  • Booth, Anne. 1998. The Indonesian Economy in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: A History of Missed Opportunities. London: Macmillan.
  • Dick, Howard, Vincent J.H. Rouben, J. Thomas Lindblad, and Thee Kian Wie (Editors). 2002. The Emergence of a National Economy: An Economic History of Indonesia, 1800-2000. Leiden: KITLV Press.
  • Hill, Hal. 1996. The Indonesian Economy Since 1966: Southeast Asia's Emerging Giant. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press [Second, Updated Version: Hill, Hal. 2000. The Indonesian Economy. London: Cambridge University Press].
  • Manning, Chris and Sudarno Sumarto (Editors). 2011. Employment, Living Standards and Poverty in Contemporary Indonesia. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.
  • Pangestu, Mari. 1996. Economic Reform, Deregulations, and Privatizations: The Indonesian Experience. Jakarta: Center for Strategic and International Studies.
  • Reid, Anthony (Editor). 2012. Indonesia Rising: The Repositioning of Asia's Third Giant. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.
  • Thee, Kian Wie. 2003 (Editor). Recollections: The Indonesian Economy, 1950s-1990s. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies. 
  • Thee, Kian Wie. 2012. Indonesia's Economy Since Independence. Singapore: Institute of Southeast Asian Studies.


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