Saturday, February 04, 2006

JK's business nonsense

Vice President Jusuf Kalla likes to pride himself of being a businessman. But his statement over Sampoerna's decision to withdraw from some investment projects shows he thinks like a lousy businessman. The Jakarta Post yesterday (the link was not permanent; it's lost now) reported,
Vice President Jusuf Kalla criticized the Sampoerna family ... for the uncertainty it had allegedly caused in the local economy after withdrawing from several investment projects sponsored by the government... "The Sampoerna family is not showing consistency... I think the family should make up its mind"...
Why does he think he has the right to somebody else's investment decision?

Speaking about uncertainty, it's the government who should be warned. They've been silent on the exact plan of electricity rate hike. It's creating uncertainty leading to inflation expectation. And unlike Sampoerna, it's our money they're using.

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