Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Back in the USA part 2

I'm back in the USA, after almost a year, for this purpose. That means I have a chance to visit my old Cambridge (Harvard Square in particular) neighborhood. Ujang once said that the thing with the USA is its predictability. It may be true, in general. But there are some things that we can't be certain with.

For one, you can never tell whether or not the INS guys will let you in or deny your visit. A poor middle-aged couple next to me was rejected to enter for don't know what reason. Meanwhile, I could have a deep sigh after they let me in. I had some confusion in my last exit which end up in me failing to report. Some folks had had trouble because of this. But looks like the INS guys were having a good holiday.

I noticed several major changes in the city during the past one year. I mean, things that finally happened:
  • They just opened a new IHOP at the Harvard Square, right in front of the Kennedy School (why not a year or two earlier?). Not that they make great pancakes, but they do make fine ones. With a new IHOP open, the Dunkin Donuts (ah, my favourite!) on the corner of JFK/Eliott St. is now facing a competitor at a specific market: cops. Yes, seeing those big cops having coffee and donuts as breakfast was a familiar scene. This morning I saw the Dunkin quite empty, while a group of cops were having breakfast at IHOP.
  • The city government think that it is the time to put bottle/can-only bin next to every garbage bin in town. At least, Jakarta is ten years earlier (not that people really care about it).
  • The transport authority introduced prepaid ticket to the train and bus system. Passengers can now purchase prepaid ticket, and don't have to bother looking for coins everytime they want to board. But it resulted in steep fare hike.
To add to the list, Bill Gates will finally get his Harvard College Degree. The university will give him a honorary degree at the commencement day next week, in which he will deliver the commencement speech.


  1. IHOP at Harvard Square... that's a real "progress" for the Cambridge snobs!

  2. yes its IHOP, but its not open 24-hours... hence it can't 'function' normally, especially as place to eat after 2 am hehehehe:P...