Monday, May 28, 2007

They out-attractive us! Please protect us!

These Malaysian wives made my day. According to the news, they are urging the Malaysian authority to block Chinese female domestic helpers from entering Malaysia, because those 'little dragons' could seduce their husbands. Isn't that hilarious? Let me say their request differently:
Oh dear Government, please help us. We think we are not that sexy and attractive. And unfortunately our husbands are all jerks. Please protect us. Don't let the seductive Chinese maids come into the country.
No, it ain't about racism -- they, the angry wives, are Malaysian Chinese, after all. It's just about protection-seeking mentality, nothing to do with race.



  1. :D

    Why stop there? Let's suggest them by banning ALL attractive women by putting them to jail

  2. Excellent idea, Rusdy! I'll commit a crime so I can go to that jail, too.

  3. In a small town in Italy a while ago, the wives pledged the mayor to criminalize women who went topless in public; for a similar reason...

  4. Easy, a.p., don't ask too much :-)

  5. yeah, but it's about sexism. how about if the wives are "Ls", or the workers are males?

  6. Good point, Anymatters! It is also sexist. It can't go worse (or can it?)