Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Funny Pundit on Chicken Soto

Due to some costumers demand, I will not serve muffins this time. But we have chicken soto as the substitute.

Suppose you want to know what 150 million adults prefer: chicken soto or chicken satay. What would you do?

I read an observer, -or pundit, whatever-, has done the following: He asked 50 leading figures, or social activists, what they want to have, and found out that only four are for chicken satay, two order completely different stuff (chicken kebab), and fourty-four want chicken soto. Then he concludes that people want chicken soto.

But how on earth that he is sure that chicken soto is indeed what people want? Statistician, or anyone who ever have had Statistics 101, will quickly point out a whole range of sampling methodology issues.

Even putting that statistical problem aside, what exactly that fourty four activits mean by chicken soto? Is this the one with light yellow soup or thick coconut-milk, with rice vermicelli or not, with beansprout or not? We have so many variants, in so many localities, of chicken soto.

Our pundit also lamented that we are on the verge of doomsday. In one aspect he said that we do not get bigger as fast as Argentina. But actually we do get bigger (around 6.4 percent this year) and at the higher rate than our closer peers in the neighbourhood (4.9 percent). Not bad at all, leave alone the fact that we fell severely ill nine years ago and lost weight by 13 percent in just one single year.

OK, OK, it's in Kompas daily, Analisis Politik, Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007

Oh no, today somebody told us that what they mean by chicken soto is actually not a chicken soto. It was a terrible adaptation of German soup. (Kompas, Opini, page 4, Wed, Nov 21, 2007)

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  1. I read Kompas first and was thinking that these opinions must be discussed in the Cafe...And i'm rite. Your
    genre guys are so predictable which is good i think :p.