Monday, November 19, 2007

Roy Boy

His name’s Roy and I was reading his letter. He said he needed help. He had just been arrested by the police because he was caught using drugs. Interestingly, this was his second arrest. Months before, after serving his first jail term, he had become an anti-drug campaigner. He was loved again, just like when he was young as a handsome movie actor. He now appeared in social gatherings, he gave lectures on say-no-to-drugs and all that. In that unlucky day, he just made a cameo in a police program to fight narcotics. Two hours later, he was high.

He thought he could use some help from the Café. He knew some folks here defended Kate Moss and well, him.

But this time is different. He made another, more serious crime. So I called him.

Roy, oh Roy. Poor fella. Of course we’d do anything to defend you. We still think laws banning drugs are ridiculous. But how come you are so stupid? They probably shouldn't arrest you for using drugs. It's your right to die on sabu-sabu if that makes you happy. But we really think you should be punished for being a total fool. You're a disappointment, Roy...”

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  1. additional charges for hypocrisy...