Sunday, May 24, 2009

In defense of consumerism #137

I'm a big fan of Samuel Mulia. But less so this morning. No, I'm not talking about Samuel's column in Kompas -- it's still good as usual. I'm talking about O-Channel's "Pagi Jakarta" broadcast now. The topic is Style, Brand, and Status. Erwin Parengkuan and Jill van Diest are featuring Samuel Mulia.

The trio are lambasting consumerism quite excitedly. Samuel just talked about a new trend in Jakarta: exclusive bags for rent. He was concerned about Jakartans new way to show off by renting Hermes or Gucci by hour.

What's wrong with that? Samuel -- and Erwin and Jill -- think that way of life is artificial and not good for your health and pocket. I fail to understand it. On the contrary, I thing bag-for-hourly-rent is an excellent idea. When else do the not-so-rich can wear Hermes or Veneta? Kudos for the inventor of this idea. Because of you, the exclusive bags are not so exclusive anymore, give a room for others to fill.


  1. i beg to differ as i see designer bags as investment. i reckon renting it wouldn't be cheap, why don't you just start saving and buy one IT bag.

    then again, maybe it's just me :)

  2. Detta darling, yes it's just you :D

    My chic but not so-rich girl friends are excited about this.

    Somewhere out there a desperate socialite who planned to steal a Veneta from a display in Plaza Indonesia changed her mind upon knowing this rent-by-hour business. She decided not to commit a crime. Instead, she rented the bag. She now walks with confidence. Artificial? Who cares?