Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don't Swap Horses in the Middle of the Stream

Jim Hamilton of UCSD wrote in Econbrowser:
I sometimes hear Bernanke's critics speak as if there is some kind of shallowness to his world view, as if he is somehow incapable of seeing what is obvious to those with common sense. If you want a bumper-sticker-size summary of what he's all about, here it is-- Bernanke believes strongly that a credit crunch can be devastating to regular people, and has done everything in his power to mitigate that damage. You may agree or disagree with his claim that the extraordinary steps taken under his leadership "averted the imminent collapse of the global financial system." But you must agree with two things: the global financial system did not collapse, and preventing its collapse is the reason Bernanke did what he did. If you think his motives were anything other than this, you have been sucked into a groupthink far shallower than the world view sometimes ascribed to Bernanke.
Sound apt and ring a bell? Hint: Pansus.

I shake my head when I look at the list of senators who say they'll vote "no." How could there possibly be an alternative whom Barbara Boxer (D-CA) and Jim DeMint (R-SC) would both prefer to Bernanke?
Ring another bell? Hint: Those lawmakers and their political parties.

Update: Even Krugman said
But — and here comes my defense of a Bernanke reappointment — any good alternative for the position would face a bruising fight in the Senate. And choosing a bad alternative would have truly dire consequences for the economy.
Again, still relevant to us

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