Thursday, August 26, 2010

In defense of Qory

The media, social or otherwise, have been attacking Qory Sandioriva, the Indonesian beauty pageant queen who competed in the world contest, and failed.

Most of the attacks take the form of mockery on Qory's broken English.

Shame on you people. Qory did nothing against you. She's beautiful, she worked hard for that competition. She had the courage to compete abroad unlike many of you. She is great. And you think a broken English is so sinful? How about yours?

Grow up.


  1. i have to say that i am one of the guys who mocked her in my tweets, i won't say that my english is great or something, but then again i didn't go abroad in some beauty pageant representing Indonesia with my english skill..
    if you are courageous enough to step up and go to that pageant, then you should be aware that there are consequences like this.. she's a grown up, i bet she can take these "attacks"

  2. Kate, I didn't mock her and don't think my English even nears perfection, yet I must admit my thinking is alongside Oscar Guo's. Many pretty girls in the modelling industry, from which beauty pageant contestants often come from, often are nurtured to think that they're so great-looking they wouldn't need to expand their skill sets, incl the all-important English (unless one day Indonesian becomes the universal language, that's another story). At the very least, her Miss Indonesia organizer should've stepped up and beefed her up prior to the big show.

    In a more current tone, I'm concerned to hear about her missing etc. I do think her mom went too far by staging that initial Press Conf-- why not just reporting to Police and rallying close friends/fam first? Joy Idol's fam did the same thing. That was a bit uncalled for. I'd be friggin' mad if I were her. Hey, maybe that's why she fled. Maybe her mom was too much. :p