Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Keef's Life

Last week, since I had a 40 percent off coupon plus 5 bucks reward from a bookstore here, I asked barista Aco and Ujang what books to buy.

Ujang, somewhat unsurprisingly, came up with the Handbook of Development Economics. Aco, however, had (better) idea: the biography of Keith Richards, Life.

It's the book everybody in town now talk and write about. From David Remnick of Newyorker to Michiko Kakutani of NYT to our own Taufiqurrahman --who lambasted a mediocre review by a music critic-turned-political pundit in our you-know-what daily.

I ordered my copy. Keith Richards', that is.

To celebrate Keef's biography, the Cafe plays Happy from Exile on Main St. album and Salt of the Earth from Beggars Banquet album.


  1. You ignore my first recommendation which was the Zombie Survival Handbook.

    You have to survive the zombie outbreak first before you can even think about economic development.

  2. Ha, I didn't know it. But I managed to escape zombie expansion last week -- when they're everywhere in the city.