Friday, December 03, 2010

The President's iPad

So the president just made another laughing stock: his iPad. Now I almost conclude two things. First, he likes gadget. Second, he's so clueless when it comes to image building (or lack thereof). The combination of these two has proven ridiculous. It's still fresh in our memory how he came up with a brilliant solution to the oft-abused Indonesian migrant workers abroad: give them a handphone each. No need to elaborate on this -- 'cause you're already laughing.

But he just made another homerun. With iPad, that is. I mean, hey, there's nothing wrong with him having and playing with an iPad. But a president, holding an uncased (or was it transparrent silicone?) iPad with the famous logo on camera, up close and personal? The only thing better than that is if he had a Coca Cola can on his other hand.

Clueless. Now suddenly my iPad's value has gone down a bit.

And contrary to what people say, I think his showing off his iPad live is not a free promotion for iPad or Apple. It is a good promotion for Samsung Galaxy.

Figure that out.

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