Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special for everyone

How to make the term "special" irrelevant? Assign it to everybody. This furor over whether or not Yogyakarta should keep its special status has been long and boring. The president triggered the controversy, the sultan joined the fray. Then the parliament and media made it even bigger a deal. One side says Yogyakarta should not be granted a special status anymore, because "every province belongs to the Republik of Indonesia, NKRI". The other side says Yogyakarta should retain its special status because, well, it is special.

Here's my suggestion. Don't touch Yogyakarta. Don't change anything. Change everything else, instead. That is, grant special status to each and every other province in the republic. Then, let the people decide if they want a king or a governor or whatever.

To borrow from Gus Dur, "gitu aja kok repot".


  1. Hi,

    You are right, all those talks about Jogya's "special" status are getting too boring.
    It is about time the Prez start taking serious actions on important matters.

    Gitu aja kok repot!

  2. Why Jogja must leave its special status?

  3. I dont understand our President erratic thinking, uncapable of ending corruption in his inner circle and now he want to destabilize social structure..

    Gosh, lucky I dont vote for him in the previous election and not in the future of course..