Friday, December 03, 2010

WikiLeaks that is overshooting

Many people were impressed by Julian Assange, the brain behind WikiLeaks. Some even called him hero.

I'm not sure. At first I thought this guy was something. But then even Assange seems to underestimate the power of price. His leaked infos are now decreasing in "price". Why? Because it's just way too many. Seriously, who wants to invest time digging on 250,000 cables? When he leaked a few classified info, people were taken by surprise. And people wanted more. The price increased.

Then, he flooded the market. Of course I don't have numbers. But I think the position is now an excess supply. Which means the price has gone down.

Too much information is close to worthless information. In such a situation one might not care anymore which one is classified and which mere gossip.


  1. There is an old saying that
    "Worst than no information, is too many information.. "

    From biological perspective, Our brain have an optimal value of 7 facts that can be stored and recalled at the same time..

    Storing facts more than that will take us more time to process information, to validate it/perform internal consistency check, and then to generalize and building mind concept... the cost of information will increase exponentially and eventually reach the breakeven value with the benefit gained from the mentioned issue...

    The Evolutionary Economists

  2. I think taht's true..
    but i wonder, does it America Propaganda...

  3. assange is not a journalist whose career depends on the price of information, he's trying to accomplish something else. i'll try to explain it today 22/12 at jl sabang 16 coffee shop 8pm, you may want to come so we can have a discussion.