Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My one-year twitterexperience

I think Twitter is fun - more so than Facebook. Because: 1) Twitter is shorter and hence more efficient, 2) Twitter has an instant reward-penalty system: you tweet good, you're treated well; you tweet bullshit, you're treated harshly. Think about that Golkar guy Bamsoes who was constantly lambasted by the whole Twitter universe, because, well he deserved it.

I'm rather new there. And passive, I guess. So what I'm sharing here is just based on my short experience observing what people do in the Twitland. Oh, maybe a little disclaimer first: I'm a fan of a group called #somaykrat. I think they're interesting without being pretentious. To many they're probably boring, especially when they go #kode or #kasus and all that childish stuff. But hey, I like 'em. Why am I probably biased? Because some of them are baristas here. (Yes, I'm considering how to best cut their pay in the Cafe 'cause they now rarely serve the drinks). Who are all the members by the way? I don't know, 'cause it seems the group is growing from time to time.

Now about other twitter (or, should I say "tweeter"? - have to be more careful now, as those somaycrats are typo nazis -- exactly, who the hell do they think they are? But I don't want no #ctarr or #pritt). I don't follow many people (can't keep up with too many). But from time to time, I see RTs from whom I follow. If they're interesting, I usually read their timeline (is that a stalking, I dunno).

First, I've seen some people who I knew from Blogosphere now living in the Twitland, too. Some appear more interesting than when they are blogging. There is this one guy who blogged really well and also tweets cool stuff. But he likes to go after anyone he dislikes and engage him/her in a debat kusir. There are some guys who give lectures in the Twitland (hey, I'm serious). This lecture-in-tweet is called kultwit - sounds a bit Freudian, I know, but who cares. Some kultwits are useful, imho. But when they hit number 30 or something, I get so sleepy, especially when everything of it you can get easily from the wonder of the web. But, to my surprise, some people demand more of it. Whenever they don't know something, rather than google or wiki it, they would just go "kultwit dong". Like we live for them, spoonfeds.

And then there are people who take Twitter so damn too seriously. They would expect politicians to tweet only about politics (or even "they should reach out more to their constituents.. bla bla bla") or economists to tweet about economics and economics only. Or law thingy for legal scholars. How boring if we all do it that way. C'mon, this is supposed to be for fun. Right? (oh God, I'm patronizing. Sorry).

There is also a few Twitters who like to expose other peoples' privacy to public. For example, if they know someone's relative are in the Twitland, and they don't like that someone, they will tell the public "Hey, I found his daughter. Here's his account. Go get her instead" - or other sentences to the same effect. Wow. Some respected(?) blogger even do it so the relative can "give insight to her father" - he hates the father (all do, but that's beside the point). Respected? Hah.

And some just love to teach others how to tweet. Like "don't RT this or that", "you should've replied, not RTed", et cetera, like they are Zuckerberg himself. Usually the same people, when get cornered in some debate (What? A debate in the Twitland? Are you out of your mind?) will use the discussion stopper "Read my timeline" (a Twitter-equivalent of "Talk to the hand").

Anyways, I'll stop here. Some barista complains I write too damn long. But I just like to thank Twitter. For it is fun. It also reveals the true colors of people like Tiffie and his ilks. Or some lousy pemreds who do everything to protect their muddy boss.

#Bye #now, #tweeps (is this the correct way?)


  1. This is cute. Seberapa avonturir Mbak Kate mau fol orang eh tweet? How fun should someone be to be fol by the one and only Ms KateSalemba?


  2. gpd ... you are a bundle of fun



  3. Nice summary about twitter, but Zuckerberg has nothing to do with twitter.

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