Thursday, August 02, 2012

We Found Love

Heck, I'm bored of econ. Wanna talk about Rihanna and her song We Found Love.

I believe Rihanna was a gladiator in her previous life. Not just your regular gladiator. But she's like the king, I mean queen, of all mean, cold-blooded gladiators in the history of mankind.

No seriously. Listen to this song We Found Love. Don't tell me you don't think of violence as you listen to the beat. Frankly, whenever I catch this song on the radio, I imagine Rihanna is sitting on a surrendered big bull, hurt the poor thing with something that looks like a leather whip. Or maybe an ice pick.

Like: We found love in a hopeless place (one poke on the bull's ear), We found love in a hopeless place (second poke on the bull's back), We found love in a hopeless place (third one on the belly), We found love in a hopeless place (by this time, Rihanna makes a crawl jump and lands on the bull's head).

Then the song repeats again.

Twice. No actually four times.

So, bulls, run for your life.

Update: So @acopatunru thought I confused "gladiator" and "matador". Ah, potato potahto. But wait, think of Rihanna as a gladiator, who, after knocking down her opponents in the stadium, goes for extra fun torturing bulls. That would do it.


  1. we found a love in a hopeless place.. :D

  2. hahaha....tapi ni liriknya sipp banget...

  3. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  4. We found love like it this song

  5. suka banget sama lagunya rihanna yang we found love..

  6. kayaknya pernah tahu lagunya deh.. heheh