Saturday, November 17, 2012

Few Updates

I must have been either very busy or very lazy (most likely the latter) lately that I don't serve anything in the Cafe or realize that a truly excellent and readable book on development economics has been around since April 2011. The title is More Than Good Intentions by Dean Karlan and Jacob Appel.

I just read the Introduction, but because I need to work on something else now -- like reading Karlan's article on Observing Unobservables -- , I'll be back soon for more review. I may also write about the current state of economics education in our universities which share a theme with a report on how (the plan for filming) James Bond in the country was turned down by those in power due to some deep ignorance.

In the meantime, we will play jazz in this cafe. This time, Fall by Miles Davis Quintet (youtube).

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  1. your article is nice, very happy to stay and read in here. thanks for sharing :)