Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hi from the Manager


Is everybody hooked up in front of TV watching soccer already? While the Café is now open 24 hours to accomodate that, even our hosts are not so easy to distract, especially football soccer freaks like Ujang and Ape (don't get Ape started with football vs. soccer).

I was going to full-feature Ahmad Jamal. But considering the soccer fever, I think an amplified beat will be useful (albeit a little fusion). It's Casiopea, folks!

Allow me for a personal digression. Casiopea caught my ears when I was twelve. That was when drummer Akira Jimbo joined the group. From then on, I was addicted to Jimbo-Sakurai beat (Tetsuo Sakurai was the bassist). Then I was stunned and sad when I heard the band broke up. Jimbo and Sakurai left Casiopea and formed Jimsaku. Immediately I followed the new band. And it wasn't as great.

Lately I heard Jimbo is back to Casiopea. But it's never as good as then. So let's just enjoy their good days. Two albums in particular: Down Upbeat and Eyes of the Mind.