Sunday, June 11, 2006

Prof. X needn’t have to die, not that way...

Charles Xavier is disappointing. So are Magneto, Wolverine, Storm, and all those fighting each other in the X-Men: The Last Stand. The problem is, both sides – X-Men and Magneto’s Men are forcing what they want on others. This is against human (I bet mutant, too) nature.

Here’s a simple solution to the problem in The Last Stand:

Worthington Industries should be allowed to develop any medical technology (if it thinks it is profitable), including the cure to treat genetic mutation . What the government can do is just to make sure that the medicine has all the information for the consumers. For example: “This medicine is to convert any mutant into human. It is not reversible. Take it at your own risk”. What the government should not do is to force mutants to become human. What X-Men (and all other mutants for that matter) can do is not to take the cure if they are happy with what they are now (like Angel), or take it if they are not (like Rogue).

I know for sure, my solution wouldn’t make a good movie.