Monday, June 26, 2006

Some World Cup-related pieces

As always, during the World Cup month, productivity always declines. But the manager has threatened to cut our paycheck if we don't deliver. So this is just some updates.

When I wrote this entry, Ujang is suffering a severe depression in New Haven after the Holland team had to go gome early after controversially get defeated by Portugal. I was only relieved after England unimpressingly beat Ecuador. Well, that means two thing: 1) England don't have to play against Holland in the quarter final, which may incite a cold war between Ujang and I, and 2) from now on Ujang will be at the same side as me in supporting England. The good thing is Germany and Argentina -- two of the biggest England's nemesis -- will have to eliminate each other.

So far, the only surprises in this Cup have been the advance of Socceroos Ghana advance the second round (and the Checz Republic early exit). Like England, Brazil, France and Italy have not been too impressive. Germany is surpisingly playing good attacking football, and I'm no Germany fans! The same thing with Argentina.

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