Tuesday, July 11, 2006

From the Manager


Treespotter just reminded us to write. Yes, I think we're getting lazy. Or I might have been too easy on the hosts. Aco was in Kyoto and now is back in Jakarta -- without even getting me some Japanese jazz CDs! Sjamsu is busy with something in DC, Rizal is doing a study in Medan, and Ujang and Ape are still having their heart attack from the silly World Cup.

Yeah, World Cup. Why do people love football (I mean soccer, no football, argh whatever) so much? Probably because it is good. Even my mom called me at 4am telling how sad she was that Zizou got kicked out.

As for me, I guess I'm more interested in Michelle Wie.


  1. this is post of excuse, unacceptable!

    can i see the manager? er, supervisor? owner? local ruler?

    who's in charge, really?

  2. I'm in charge, Treespotter. And I don't meet with people unless he or she donates to my Café. How about that?


    actually, i was gonna give this for thoughts.

    how come you don't even offer music? really?

  4. That's a good stuff, Treespotter. Thanks! But I'm not good in economics :-( Let's see if one of the hosts will take on that. Ujang likes that topic, I reckon?

    On music. Damn, I forgot! :-) Well, I was looking forward to seing Shakira in the WC thingy -- and posting afterward. Too bad SCTV was too cheap. They only aired some uninteresting game...

  5. tsk manager... never thought you are shakira-kind of guys... something about the hips that don't lie?

    guess i overated you...

  6. dHani, who said shakira's music was great? i love shakira the way i love nadine chandrawinata.

    i guess i overrated you. i should teach you again.