Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Moving out and the end of the world cup

Dear visitors,
As my love affairs with Cambridge, MA has come to an end, I am now moving back to Jakarta, Indonesia. Well, actually I am already in Jakarta. As you may guess, the moving business is a hectic one. That, hopefully, can explain my absence.

For now, I'd like to request the manager to play 'Massachusetts' by the Bee Gees:

... and the light all went down in Massachusetts...

followed by Koes Plus' 'Kembali ke Jakarta':

... ke Jakarta aku kan kembali
walaupun apa yang kan terjadi...

Please note how the two songs are similar in their composition. See how the former influenced the latter.

On the World Cup thing -- Italy won it. Yes, whatever. For me, the World Cup has finished when England uncharacteristically lost to Portugal. (For Ujang, it ended even earlier). The English public liked to put the blame on Christiano Ronaldo. But I'd prefer to tell Sven Eriksson "I told you so...!" Now, do you agree that Gerrard and Lampard are at least non-complentary, Beckham's too slow, and Rooney can't play as a lone striker?

Overall, it was not the best competition I've ever seen. No thrills, low average goals per match, unimpressive display by supposedly star players. Even the top scorer only scored five goals, lower than the past few Cups.

So bring on club football -- domestic league, Champions League, UEFA Cup, Copa Libertadores, Toyota Cup etc.


  1. welcome back to J-town.
    and patience with your 28.8 connection -i know you wouldn't spend on cable and rather use office's line.
    England broke our heart, as usual. any forecast model you can create to predict their victory? or (irregular) cycles?
    but alas, the ball is round...

  2. Hey, I'm also in Jakarta now (Tangerang to be exact, but Ap also know it).

    Chrysalic is right to the point (not about England), the internet connection here certainly test my patient.

    Anyway, we should meet up. Salemba or Depok?

  3. ap, berly, welcome home guys...
    i don't go to depok nowdays...
    guess i did something bad to the secretary of economics dept. she stopped all the teaching assignment.
    i guess i should be glad... while others had to jumped salemba-depok and vice versa every two f*ck*ng days...
    but u can't help miss the money...
    oh well... bummer!

    so salemba it is then...
    are there anyone else coming in?

  4. Viva Italia, Forza Azzuri!!!