Sunday, July 23, 2006

Playboy should thank its haters

As so easily predicted, what the protesters have been doing to the Indonesian version of Playboy is actually good, not bad, for the magazine. The third issue has hit the road. How much? Rp 99,000 (Java area) or Rp 110,000 (off-Java)! And it might not even be the equilibrium price, yet. It's the nominal price printed on the cover! If you still remember, many people were willing to spend Rp 100,000 then to get the first and second issue, even though the nominal price was Rp 39,000. Now the price of the first edition in eBay is $60!

It's not even good. The models look so dumb, the articles are cheesy, and the translation are lousy. But, well, Rp 100,000 and counting...


  1. I haven't seen it, so all I can do now is grin. I'll get a copy when I come home and see for myself what all the brouhaha is about. 60 bucks, eh? My oh my.

  2. hey dew, i have a copy if you wanna take a look. hmm maybe i should consider selling it on ebay

  3. Hah! I'll come down to Holland v one of these days so you can show it to me. Sell it on eBay only after I see it :-D

  4. i'm so happy with today's open minded girls.

  5. shame on you guys at the cafe salemba... it's been... what? weeks?? of the hell, who's counting anyway... it's been weeks and aco is the one who come up with this?
    enuff!! manager, please do something about this... can u guys hire some guest writers instead?
    what's the excuse now? world cup is like so last season... world bank is probably the only thing going with at least some of you... work, girls, what?!!??

    as for the playboy... bad news is good PR... they got economics column there (still interested in putting a printed version of cafesalemba)... and employee of the month section... wonder what my bosses say if i post as economist/researcher/lecturer there... what dress should i wear? any suggestions??

  6. Seriuously, dHani, for the good of the country, wear kebaya.

  7. dhani: the current employee of the month has some tax consultant with really big sumthing attached.
    kebaya's good, that got Ken Arok going for a few hundred years, at least.

    let's see if macro ppl can compete.

    see, women of today, make us all proud.

  8. Some say that Indonesian Playboy is the tipping point of the campaign against indecency in media in Indonesia (Remember broken window theory about crime rates in NY in Gladwell's Tipping point). If the campaign fails, then all hell will break loose.. well not hell really.. but clothes and undies..

    From a substantive point of view, the haters are barking at the wrong tree.. While Playboy's is enjoying positive externalities from all the frenzy, other mags with better contents, better girls, less clothes (?) are being overlooked.

    Well, better save your 60 bucks for something better.. maybe Indonesian FHM?? (Eventhough they put Cut Tary as the 2nd sexiest women in the world.. can you believe that? Above Keira.. My oh my..)

  9. manager: what is that supposed to mean? u don't find girls in kebaya appealing? well, i should try to show up in the cafe wearing kebaya sometimes... we'll see how you would react...
    ok, i sound too nasty...

    treespotter: and what is that supposed to mean? u don't think we can compete? am all in for the competition... =D