Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Ballad of John and Yoko ... and Krugman

I, too, never blamed Yoko for The Beatles breakup. According to The Asahi Shimbun, this documentary does not follow the conventional wisdom (or unwisdom?) that Yoko was the evil person behind the Fab Four quarrels. What if it's all John's fault? What if it's the group's itself? Of course this documentary does not just focus on that one issue. Reading the article, I would expect to see "good, old-school storytelling", "big zeitgeist tapestry" (of Lennon's life), some never-seen-before Beatles' footages, and of course, John's "truly, even geeky, love" to Yoko. Must be interesting. Except that I .. don't have the time (or more precisely, I just missed the showtime). I was actually planning to see it at Toho Cinemas tonite (where else can we see non-dubbed foreign movies here in Tokyo?).

Alas, we all are exhausted. After two long days of discussing papers, we thought we deserved a decent dinner. So there we were, eating and chatting. The thing is, you would forget the time when you talk about new, interesting books. And this time, it was Krugman's newest one. An economist who had finished reading it briefed us about the book. He said Krugman calls for raising U.S. minimum wage. Now that's interesting. Another guy responded, saying that Krugman's idea was a reflection of fragmentation in otherwise strongly established trade theory. Ouch.

I'll see the documentary later. And I'll grab that book in Narita tomorrow.

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  1. Aco:
    Here is a (scathing) review by Herb Gintis, a liberal academic economist.

  2. I noticed the date of the posting, nice one. RIP John Lennon.

    On a side note did you know that Paul Krugman is a science fiction fan and out of boredom he wrote a paper called "The Theory of Interstellar Trade" just to poke fun when he was a grad student at MIT. I ask my friend who is a student there if he can get that paper for me, should be an interesting side to Krugman.

  3. Is he a vote gatherer for democratic party?

  4. Arya, you are calling Gintis a liberal academic economist?

    He is regular visiting profesor at Uni of Siena and I took a course from him last spring.

    He is very smart and helpful but has some temper. He is likely to be offended and scold you since he is very proud of his left credentials.

    To quote from his review, "...But inequality is an intellectual abstraction, not a politically motivating issue. People hated the Robber Barons because they were robbers and barons, not because they were rich. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates do not send the Pinkerton men out to protect their ill-gotten gains; nor to the other super-rich. Socialists' ringing political slogans dealt with fairness, social progress, and power to the people, not "inequality.""

  5. Berly:
    The word "liberal" can mean different things depending where you are. Gintis is "liberal" in the American sense -- as in "liberal" (left) vs. "conservative" (right).