Monday, December 24, 2007

Metro Jakarta Cafe (a.k.a Warkop DKI)

To my knowledge, in our cafe, AP and Pasha hold the highest authority for anything related to Warkop DKI.

Can I then request you guys a thorough Warkop DKI's OST review? Here are two teasers from YouTube: rock n' roll medley by the late Kasino Lennon and Indro Jagger of Wah Gede Banget Band in Dongkrak Antik (How do you translate this title, by the way?), and Nyanyian Kode (from god knows what film).



  1. Look for "Warkop" at Indonesian Wikipedia. You'll get their full filmography. Nyanyian Kode was from Pintar-pintar Bodoh (1980).

  2. Wah Gede Banget = Oh My God It's