Monday, December 24, 2007

What Sjamsu's doing when not blogging?

Mostly, nowadays, he's helping the government negotiating a new FTA.

Other thing that I consider is more interesting: working on this project with his high-school friend (also Ujang's) Dave Lumenta, who's also an irregular visitor of this Cafe. (In case you don't know, Sjamsu is the only real musician of the Cafe barristers).

Here's the background story according to Sjamsu:
The idea is to replicate the repressive environment of the '80s, when TVRI programs were full of 'security and order' jargons. Thanks to Dave who already had the basic composition, and someone crazy enough to upload Anita Rahman's news clip (from the year 1982 - a.p.) in Youtobe.
Note: the TVRI news clip was about the infamous Lapangan Banteng riot. Enjoy.


  1. this piece is good. does Mr. Sjamsu play the guitar part?

  2. Dave-kun, go finish your thesis! one hell of crazy moog-rapist he is. check out his After 30 project too, worth wasting your time. hahaha.

  3. AP: i seem to recall you played semut-semut hitam of GodBless...
    you rock man!

  4. Dhani, nah.. it was "Kehidupan" by God Bless. I also played Bento, Bongkar and "Gerimis Mengundang" by Malaysian band Iklim.

  5. yep, pak sjamsu on guitar, Yamaha Strat Pacifica, recorded through the lousy built-in powerbook G4 microphone complete w/ fan noise !!!!