Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Hammering on the Hummer

If you are in Indonesia (and manage to stay rich), I suggest you to buy Hummer as soon as you can for two reasons: first, these gas-guzzling toys are on the verge of extinction, as the maker, hit by prolonged high gas price, is considering to stop producing it. So it may soon become a rare vintage.

And second, because, after all, many people in Indonesia are always willing to give you gas subsidy --and publicly defend it at all cost.

Hey, where are our friends environmentalists lately?

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  1. Michael Perera6/04/2008 10:57:00 PM

    I'd suggest we all buy the American useless monster suv just for the sake of making our streets more crowded than they ever before. After all, people still buy new cars no matter what. This oil price phenomenon might tickle them a bit for a sec now, but our skin gets too much fat overtime so by then we only have two options: we don't really feel the tickle or we simply ignore 'em.

    Speaking of "publicly defend it at all cost," I suppose the response to the hiking oil price does not really matter in a long term, since people tend to ignore current events and are more attracted to what really affects them on a daily basis AND cheaper cost (hint: sembako), not what trigger/cause it, but straight to the effect.