Saturday, June 21, 2008

(Perhaps the only) post on Euro 2008

If you wonder (I doubt you'd wonder) about the lack of post on Euro 2008, these are the reasons. Ujang is busy with the new wave of IFLS. The absence of England make me a neutral without much passion in analyzing the game. And, thanks to the MNC group (RCTI, TPI and GlobalTV) for still refusing to join Astro, and the quality of their signal in my neighborhood, I am unable to watch the games live so far. Forget Aco, Rizal and Sjamsu, they are hopeless when it comes about football.

But I try to do a different thing with my 'Euro 2008 from Huntington's Clash of Civilization perspective' series here.

A side note: having four Liverpool players in their side gives me a strong reason to support Spain. Second on my list is Holland (thanks to Dirk Kuyt's presence). Also, I have reason to cheer on Portugal defeat to Germany: because two MU and two Chelsea players are in the team.


  1. Pe, football season starts in september. I don't know which football you are referring? :D

  2. Hahaha...
    how do you explain about germany's captain who is playing for Chelsea? Does it count?