Sunday, August 10, 2008

Refresh. Update.

I really am glad I came to this applied microeconometric workshop, folks. How I needed an update. The topics that were covered ranged from useful to very useful or very interesting. (Get the lecture notes here. In all likelihood the lectures will be published as a book in the future.) The presenters, Imbens and Wooldridge, are two of the best in the business and more importantly, very good teachers. Very well organized, timed like a clockwork. Burning questions? Talk individually with the presenters between sessions. The rumor has it they will also do this at the AEA meetings. Based on a similar workshop at NBER in 2007. Highly recommended.

Update: well, it is not a rumor. They have scheduled another workshop for the 2009 AEA meetings in SF. Registration starts August 23.

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