Friday, August 29, 2008

Religionomics, update

A revision to the utility function, accommodating Yudo's critics. And here's an alternative framework, using simple game-theoretical approach. May God bless you all, if He does exist.


  1. don't worry ape.

    after all, reverend mackerel says: it is the final proof of god’s omnipotence that he need not exist in order to save us :-)

  2. Bang Ape, '

    I think, is more interesting to study the mechanism of religion to impact human choice...

    Since we know, that religion influence the utility function of human

  3. Fakhrul,
    Sure -- but it's not about one's more interesting than the other, right? I think both issues are interesting on each own.

    On your interest, the impact of religion on individual choice, it is actually more elaborated. Although most of the studies are empirical/historical, and more in the 'macro' sense (like the impact of religion in economic development or preference over some issues).

    I once wrote an article on this issue, quoting the likes of Timur Kuran, Landes or Webber. Then, in empirical political science literature, using surveys like World Values Survey or Gallup, there are papers on how different religious groups has different or same opinions on some issues (Inglehart and Norris; or John Esposito, and others).