Friday, May 09, 2008

Late Night Jazz

I am listening to this splendid album of Charles Mingus Sextet and Eric Dolphy, Cornell 1964 (warning: the link comes with soundtrack). A classic. My favorite pieces are Fables of Faubus and So Long, Eric. The Fables is 30 mins. long. It's a song about this guy and anti racism in general.

I digress, I know.


  1. dude....seriously, you need some groove in your playlist, it's not healthy to listen to this type of music very often:D if you want some depressing tunes try listening to Echo and the Bunnymen, Japan, or Suicide (hence, the name d'uh), try putting some grove by trying some funk by Curtis Mayfield or George Clinton's P-Funk Allstar. Heck, maybe you should listen to the Talking Heads, Television or Gang of Four and go to New York and pay respect to what's left of CBGB....

  2. Pasha, ah, Bowery and Bleecker St. I should go take a picture under that classic street sign. But after pay a visit to Village Vanguard or Dizzy's Club at Lincoln Center, I believe :-)).

  3. I was watching our friend Sjamsu, with Dave, Iyoen, Anda 'Bunga', Yuka, and also Once Dewa performing The Police songs. Awesome!