Sunday, May 04, 2008

Let's do it at home then ... just call it "study"

Bekasi municipality will have new regulation for students soon. According to The Jakarta Post (Bekasi students face mandatory study times, May 4), the government will require students to be home from 7pm to 9pm studying, either alone or with classmates. They will be barred from going to malls or entertainment centers. No TV or videogames allowed too, during the 7-9pm study time.

Poor students. Isn't 7pm-9pm the best time to hang out, to forget about schoolstuffs? Well, if the nanny government finds an effective way to implement this, you students would just need to be smarter. Bring fun to home. Tell them you have a study group. No TV or videogames? Easy. Use internet. Tell them you have to use softwares on the computer.

Interestingly, The Post said that Bekasi was inspired by Yogyakarta that implemented this in 2003, successfully. Really? I wonder how they enforced it. Hansip at home every evening? Raids at malls and movie theaters? Not even allowed to accompany parents to wedding parties?


  1. the question for the yogya case should be what parameters were used to claim success?

    a plausible natural project for this policy is students living in dorms of catholic schools around the country. they've been using the military approach to set definite times for studying, playing, and praying for quite some decades.

  2. Tirta, I agree, that is an important question to address to the Yogya case. I still can't help wondering how they went on enforcing such rule. Catholic schools or pesantren might have that. But the key is, as you said, they have dorms so monitoring is relatively easy. They don't even need government regulation for that.