Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pundit's Follies

Today, Tuesday, May 27, 2008, Kompas daily, sadly, ran a very disappointing series of op-eds and analysis. It's a real pity.

For some hints, go to Aco's place. I am not in the mood to ridicule tell those deaf ears. Those anecdote on gasoline price and insinuating horizontal conflict are.....never mind.

Commenting the economics of the US presidential candidates, Bryan Caplan once said before the class, "I wish I could fail them." Now I can relate the feeling.


  1. curious.. do you have the link to the kompas article?

  2. Indonesia is well known as a great nation of warriors in fighting for its independence. Why do people now try to avoid the battle of global market or anything related to globalisation, free market, etc.? Fuel price for eg. No warrior avoids a battle. Meaning, we have to go for the battle of free market whatever the risk as we know that anything still carries any reward in the future.