Thursday, January 26, 2006

Banned in Indonesia

Before you throw cups on me, I should say: I'm also concerned with porn ubiquity. But let's get some perspective.

I'd like to warn the Playboy protesters in Indonesia that you're actually campaigning for the very thing you hate. By holding demonstration and all that, you're actually advertising for it. (The Playboy magazine should thank you for that). Look, many fourth graders are now asking their parents: Dad, Mom, what's that Playboy, people are fighting about on TV? More "sophisticated" teens will go find out themselves through internet -- piece of cake, it's three clicks away. In fact, even if they don't find it, everything is available on the street: cheap tabloids, dirty novels, nude pictures, you name it. Even the glossy ones: FHM, Cosmopolitan, Matra. Don't forget the TV itself. Or chic-lits. Porn is everywhere.

Do you think banning Playboy will solve the problem?

So what's the solution? Frankly I don't know. How about you buy each and every piece of Indonesian Playboy magazine everytime it is issued, then you burn it right away?

Or maybe our problem is education, not information? Comments welcome.


  1. i saw women bring their children on their playboy protest demonstration........just like women marching in the ghandi's peace march........and it maybe one of the what so called experential education.....? or child abuse...just another issue to be considered. there is always two sides of the coin

  2. My favourite line from my favourite Tiara Lestari: "You don't like Playboy in Indonesia, speak with your wallet. Don't buy it..."

  3. Education? North America and Western Europe, arguably two of the most educated regions of the world, has the highest pornographic viewership in the world. I doubt education is the problem.

  4. Playboy is just a brand. it's them who don't know the content see it as filthy magazine. come on, it's merely a man magazine -filled with gadget, lifestyle, book, movie review and such- with some sensual photos in it and especially for Indonesian edition, i doubt there will be full frontal nudity. besides, it wouldn't be any much different than FHM, Maxim, ME or the-longest-running Popular.

    let's discuss what's more important : who's gonna be Playboy Indonesia's first playmate? quids on the table are also welcome.

  5. Indeed, it looks so "normal", Detta. If this is what you mean :-)

  6. oh dear that's so horrid!
    i wouldn't say Playboy is an all age material, but like any other magazine, it has it's own segment. and i fail to see the difference of Playboy and the ones that have been published. and mr. happy will definately be happy, i rest assure on that. ;)

  7. Education only one part, not the main part. Particularly, sex education need three important related-actions which are Komunikasi, Informasi, and Edukasi (KIE).

    Education is already serve in formal education. However, communication and information is not yet enough served due to Taboo and religious argument. The survey (check with LD-FEUI) shows that peer groups (especially teen age groups) have strong important channel to inform and communicate this issue. The counselling agency and LSM are more effective in this matter. Moreover, they have specific behaviour and method to approach the teen. But people from Departemen Agama always resist such ways by saying "if they know earlier, they will try soon". I always argue, "even if they don't know yet, they will try as well. So, I prefer to have talk and discussion with them hoping that I can reduce the risk instead of condemn them as immoral and have no 'ahklak' after it happens". Such way, we need to talk and discuss such thing more "wise" and "smart" instead of saying "NO, it's taboo and forbidden!".

    Therefore, I totally agree with Ape's quotes on Tiara Lestari. Let the market be the way. If you don't agree with Playboy, don't buy it and restrict at least your family member to buy one (if possible).

    However, we will read very soon that bookstore will be sweap out by MMI or FPI. Is that the "wise" and "smart" ways? Well, they say so... not me!

  8. I will keep saying that you should bring politics into your economic equations. Just because it makes the model uglier doesn't justify its dismisal.

    A lot of people obviously feel offended by Plaboy, regardless how you try to rationalize it. It seems reasonable to me that we respect their wishes ---it's not like we're gonna die without Playboy. Yes you can insist on individual right, but even in the most liberal nation there is a limit to that. In Holland, where Playboy and Penthouse are for sale in every groceries, a bill is on the way, that forbids people on the street to talk in a language other than Dutch. So much for individual right...

  9. Thanks for your advice, Blogowner. I will learn politics.

  10. The very sad opinion said anything branded with "Playboy" implicates pornography. WTF?