About Them

This cafe was started in late 2005 by Aco, Ujang, Ape, and Sjamsu. Later, Rizal joined in. Then they started hiring a manager, Kate. This is a cafe of un-common sense, or so it was intended to be. But they talk about everything. From time to time it is biased towards economics, but hey they have a life, too (or so they think).

A bit about them. Aco lives in Canberra, Ujang in Jogjakarta Canberra too, Ape in Manila, Sjamsu in Yangon Almaty and Rizal in Leiden. Only Kate can beat Jakarta - so far.

But who cares about geo locations, right? They're all in socmed. Aco is @acopatunru, Ujang is @ujangw, Sjamsu is @sjamsu_rahardja, Ape is @ari_ap, and Rizal is @rizalshidiq. Even Kate finally has one: @katesalemba.  

Recently these guys recruited an innocent office boy named Sunaryo. (Being a quick learner himself, Naryo is also now a twitter: @naryosalemba - but he forgets his password).