Friday, October 27, 2006

New member

We'd like to proudly announce the newest addition to the Café Salemba family: Cemara Perdana.

P.S. Regardless of your opinion about population control, please note that my wife and I did not contribute to the population growth. In fact, we were adjusting the supply and demand for children disequilibrium.


  1. Congratz, Ape and Ijul! Look, Alfie is so happy to have his new sister in the Café :-) And hey, they both were born in the 18th -- two months apart.

  2. wow, kiddies on board. we need to watch our language.

    congrats guys!

  3. Welcome, Cemara :). May you grow to be healthy, wealthy and wise, and also critical about capitalism and economics 101. Hehheheee....


  4. ah, the baby-economist. hope she'll get more master degree than her old man. or should i wished that she'll go straight for her phd?

    anyway, congrats! are you finally thinking of putting playground on the cafe? just in case they get bored by econ 101 class. =D

  5. As a gift to Alfie and Rara, here's a first econ lesson from a fellow kiddie member of the Cafe, "L".

  6. Congrats A.P. May she have her father's and Amartya Sen's idealism :)

    Btw, I like your article in Jkt Post on Muhammad Yunus.

  7. congrats Ape and Juli! Rara would become a great contributor to this blog (or already has been!)
    happy for both of you.