Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Help! Can't reinstall that 'recent comment' thingy

Dear Visitors,

While you're enjoying Rizal's story on our date below (I don't usually date a guy, so don't trust Rizal's account completely), may I ask for a favor?

Call me a lousy manager, but yes I'm dumb in HTML code. I've been trying to re-install the "recent comments" widget on the sidebar with no avail. We had it before, until Blogger forced me to switch to the new system -- I lost it!

So, what should I do? Appreciate any help.


  1. paste the code:
    go to template > page elements > add a page element > HTML/Javascript > add to blog > paste the code

    or just access the old template:
    go to template > edit HTML > look at the bottom > revert to classic template

    if it was saved before, the old template shouldn't have been lost.

  2. Manager, our date, you said? Perhaps, you're gone too far this time. Got the Catherine Trammel's that I sent, did you? Happy watching.

  3. Thanks, Anymatters.. Actually I did that with no avail..

  4. Rizal, of course you denied your attempt to date me -- you don't want to be associated with my orientation. Even though you seem to approve it, by sending me that kind of movie. Liked it tho, thanks :-)