Friday, September 26, 2008

Things I Don't Get from The Media

So our friend journalist talked to Purnomo (10), Hamsidik (10), and Tino Saputra (12), and conclude that for street children like them, praying (shalat) is a luxury. Our friend journalist also wrote that:
During Ramadhan fasting month, they are not always able to fast because they have no money left for the early meal (sahur). The money they got during the day is always handed in to their parents. (but) The food bought out of that money sometimes finished before the next day's sahur.
Did you see the logic breakdown here?

If you don't fast, you eat during the day. And to eat, you need money to buy or make food. Yet, you managed to give the earned money left to your parents by the end of the day, that sadly, still couldn't cover the sahur meal. If that's the true reason for not fasting, can I propose something like delaying the daytime meal, save the money, and now, sahur is affordable?

I don't blame them for not fasting since life on the street is physically hard (beside, who am I to judge?). I also don't blame them to come up with that kind of excuse or logic, because they are 10 years old. But I have problem with a journalist who think that you can take such excuse from the 10 years olds at face value.

By the way, kudos to the organizer of the said pesantren (retreat) for street children.

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  1. I agree. some articles from Kompas seems very disappointing lately.