Saturday, October 04, 2008

NKOTB or Sarah Palin?

This morning, on the metro, I read this line from a column in the Express, the commuter's free paper.
Had I known that VP debate would be tonight and that Sarah Palin would be the Republican candidate, I would have told my girl, "Hell, no, I'm not goin to no NKOTB concert on the night of this historical debate!"
--(a blogger who) attended NKOTB concert Thursday night, after buying tickets a couple months ago

I could not help but grinning.


  1. Based on Palin's performance, NKOTB was definitely the better call =P.

  2. Jang, and the NKOTB reunion wasn't? Ha!

  3. well, then they should tour together... she can sing "drill, baby, drill" during the chorus of Hangin' Tough