Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sorry dear friends, I have sacrificed you for a Whopper

There was this scene in one of my fave TV series: Prison Break. T-Bag was left alone with a friend in a desert by some random guy who had given them ride but then was more interested in their money. The companion, an oversized man, couldn't take the misery any more: after walking so far under the sun, he got so hungry. He had to eat. Or die. So he tried to eat ... T-Bag! But T-Bag of course won the fight. He killed the giant. Then he was about to leave when it occured to him: he was hungry too. Why not eat ... that friend?

I happened to remember that story as I came across this Whopper "anti-friendship" program. It is a software you can add on to your Facebook account to ... sacrifice your friends to get ... a sandwich. It's relatively new. So let's see how it plays out. I guess there are not too many people willing to sacrifice 10 friends for 1 Whopper. Or are there? What I think true though is, friendship is not priceless. Recall the T-Bag story above.

But there are other things an FBer might want to consider before sacrificing a friend. For one, his status will read something like this "John sacrificed Joel Kaplan for a free Whopper". How many people would want to have a status that reads like that? If your friends know that you just sacrificed a common friend, chances are, they (or some of them) would rush to sacrifice ... you (before I get sacrificed like Joel, I should sacrifice that bastard first). But hey this seems interesting...

Another thing is, currently coupons apply only to US residents. So we in Indonesia can still hug each other...

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