Sunday, March 01, 2009

Coffee Article of the Day

As your barista, I have tried to provide some timely, popular, yet pretty sensible articles that may help you to get some ideas on what is going on in now troubling US financial market --so that you have some good starts at any cocktail conversation. As interesting as they may look, those are media report or blog's posting. For education purpose (hell, yeah), you need to consult peer-reviewed journal article, that usually takes more time to publish.

As the time goes, now some articles are there. I found one by Brunnermeier of Princeton, in JEP (forthcoming). Don't yawn. Contrary to what you usually get in an economic journal (those Greek alphabets, in case you are not familiar with econ journals), this one is highly readable.

(HT: Håring and Storbeck)

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